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Visitors and users of our website are required to read carefully the terms of use that follow before using our website, and to refrain from using our site if they do not agree with these terms. In any other case, it is presumed that they accept the terms of use in their entirety, explicitly and without reservations.
The following terms of use are in force for the entirety of our web site’s content. Odonym retains the right to amend the conditions and Terms of Use; users are obliged to check every time they access our website whether any such amendments have been made; if they continue to use our website it is presumed that they continue to accept in their entirety, explicitly and without reservations the amended Terms of Use. In any other case, they are obliged to refrain from using our website.
Odonym makes every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of the content and the information appearing at any time on our website. Anything appearing on our website in the form of an advertisement does not constitute in any direct or indirect way an-encouragement, advice or exhortation for any action but it remains within the full discretion of the visitors/users to evaluate all such offers and to act based on their own volition, our liability being completely excluded. Any visitor making use of our web site’s services is obliged to do so according to applicable law and the present Terms of Use and to refrain from actions or omissions which may harm third parties, including third parties’ intellectual property, or can adversely affect the function of our website.

Liability Disclaimer
Odonym accepts no liability whatsoever to visitors to our website or to third parties for any claims for damages for causes related to the operation or non-operation or use or non-use of our website or from a reasonable inability to offer goods or services or from non-allowable intervention of third parties to goods or services or information offered through our website.
Odonym accepts no liability for the illicit use of a credit card by anyone other than its owner if the loss or theft of the credit card has not been notified to the issuing bank in a timely and appropriate manner per said bank’s required procedures. The safekeeping of credit cards and of relevant personal data is the responsibility of the credit card owner.
Odonym accepts no liability for any organized hacker attack for the purpose of stealing users’ personal information, but even in such a case, credit card users are protected as the system does not store the credit cards’ CVV code.
Odonym and its partners make every reasonable effort to keep its website in good and safe working order without at the same time offering any guarantee or accepting any liability regarding its uninterrupted or fault-free operation or it’s being free from viruses or similar harmful elements.

Browsing Security
In order to safeguard your information, Odonym utilizes SSL technology (Secure Sockets Layer) by Thawte, a globally reputable and internet transaction security organization. Through this technology, every piece of information that you submit to the website is cryptographically encoded prior to appearing online, and subsequently, the server and the message is authenticated.

Personal Data
The use of this website requires us having knowledge of certain of the users’ personal data. Odonym takes all reasonable measures to safeguard personal data as required by Law of the Hellenic Republic or other binding and applicable regulation or contract related to the appropriate use and sufficient safeguarding of personal data.
Odonym pledges that it will not inappropriately use, sell or otherwise transfer personal data submitted to its website to any third party.
Specifically, and subject to relevant legislation, the company has the right as part of its business activities to retain a client list which however is not allowed to transfer to any third party or to alter it in any way.
Odonym retains the right to provide statistical data to its suppliers without including any personal data.
Underage persons/minors are not allowed to use the present website or to use the goods and services offered by it.

Like most internet sites, Odonym also uses cookies in order to allow us access to certain information while you browse our website. Without using cookies it would not be possible to offer important services such as the status of your orders, personal settings, and storage of an item in your basket.
Cookies are alphanumeric files which we transmit to your computer’s hard disk through the internet in order to be able to offer services such as those mentioned previously. Your browser’s settings allow you to choose to block your browser from accepting cookies or to ask you every time a new cookie is about to retransmitted to your hard disk. However, you should know that if you choose to block cookies you will not be able to take advantage of some of our shop’s services.

Links to other sites
Our website includes links to hyperlinks or advertising banners to external websites belonging to third parties. The availability, content, personal information protection policies, quality, and completeness of services of such external websites are outside Odonym’s control and Odonym accepts no liability on their behalf.
Accordingly, for any problem during your visit to and use of these external websites you are required to address directly the owners of such websites which are fully responsible for their service offerings.
Odonym must not be presumed to agree or accept the content or the services offered by these external websites to which it links to, or that it is affiliated with them in any way.

Product Pricing
The prices indicated in the relevant catalogs next to each product are inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) at a rate of 24 %. These prices refer to goods available in our stock, while Odonym reserves the right to adjust them freely. Rates quoted in dollars and pounds are indicative.

Delivery / Availability
For every product included in Odonym catalogs, there is a clear indication of availability. In some cases, product availability may differ than the one appearing in the e-shop. Thus our clients can easily check before placing an order which products are available for immediate shipment, which products are on back-order and are expected on a specific date and finally, which products are on back-order but for which we are expecting notification from our suppliers regarding exact shipping dates.
In any case, feel free to place an order even for products indicated as not-in-stock, and we will make sure to contact you within a reasonable time by email or phone in order to let you know about the possible date of receipt of the product by our supplier and subsequent delivery to you. If the time frame is not acceptable to you, you have the right to cancel your order.
In any case, it should be clear that delivery times are subject to stock availability.
Additionally, we offer our clients the possibility to choose if you wish to order all products, even the ones with a different delivery period of time, in one shipment at the same delivery address, at the most distant date or to receive each product in different dates, according to its availability.
Some of the products’ appearances may differ from the ones presented in the e-shop.

Payment Processing
Odonym offers two payment processing methods:
1.Through Eurobank Ergasias bank (“the Bank”)
At the time you enter your credit debit or prepaid card details the Bank will only block the amount corresponding to your order without debiting your credit card. The amount is only debited at the time your order is invoiced.
As an additional safeguard for electronic credit card transactions, these are processed through the Bank’s Paycenter Proxy3 system. Thus, during the purchase process by credit card, the client is automatically transferred to a secure server operated by the Bank.
All data transferred electronically by the client to the Bank and their subsequent transfer to Visa, and MasterCard, are protected by an SSL SHA-1/256. The credit card details are not stored anywhere but are only used during the verification and debiting process.
Odonym does not collect or store in any way your credit card data and for this reason, you need to re-submit them every time you use your credit card for purchases through our website.
2.Through PayPal
Your credit card data are forwarded to a PayPal safe website. PayPal uses an (at least) 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) cryptographic protocol.
SSL is a global internet standard to manage encrypted communications. To recognize that a communication is encrypted please observe on your browser a small yellow padlock and note that you are transferred to a web page whose URL is preceded by “https://” Your computer will send your confidential information encrypted by SSL to PayPal whose server will send back to your computer a security voucher, the confirmation of your visit and a public key. Your computer will then use this public key in order to encrypt confidential information (i.e. your credit card number) and send them to the server which uses its private key to decrypt it.

Force Major
In case we are unable to deliver your order within the prescribed time due to reasons of Force Major (strikes, weather conditions, etc), we will make every reasonable effort to reach you by email or telephone so that you can notify us if you would like us to complete your order under such conditions.

Returns Policy
We, at Odonym, do our best to ensure our clients’ full satisfaction from their purchases. Please read carefully our strict changes and returns policy before making any purchase in order to avoid any misunderstandings. In case a client wishes to change or return a product which he/she has received, he/she has to communicate with us within 14 working days in the following ways:
·by e-mail to sales@odonym.gr with subject “Change request – of order No …….”, or
·by telephone at +30-215/5303774
Changes and returns will be accepted within 14 working days from the date the change or return request was submitted.

Conditions for the change or return of products
The client has the right to return a purchased product in the following cases:
·it is defective
·it is a different item from what was ordered
In all above cases, the client can change or return the product by following the process described in paragraph “Change or return of Products” and provided that:
·The packaging has not been damaged
·No component of the product has been removed from its original container including accessories, operation manuals, etc.
·It is not a product which has been purchased as a special offer or discount and its discounted price is mentioned on our website or is included in the “special offers” category
We will ship changed products only after all returned products have been received and subjected to quality check per the above provisions

Manner and cost of shipping in the case of changes or returns
In case the change or return is made due to our mistake, we will pay all relevant shipment costs. In all other cases, the cost of shipping for products that are returned or changed is born by the client.
When shipping a product to be changed or returned we advise you
·to use a reputable courier or post service
·to package the product in a sufficiently sized and sturdy package so that it is protected from damage during shipping