There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

William Shakespeare

We don’t precisely know if philosophy or poetry was first created. We only know for certain that one completes the other.

Etymologically, the word “philosophy” is a compound word and comes from the ancient Greek “φιλείν” (be friends/ friendy with) and “σοφία” (wisdom), which means love for wisdom. Poetry is said to be the most ancient literary type of work. Before the discovery of writing humans were in capable of developing the art of prosing and committing a prose to memory. Poems however created very early…

Both philosophy and literature, have contributed to the uplift of the human mind and their creators are content with recognition and the admiration from all the people. The names of great philosophers and litterateurs have been given to famous streets in cities.

Come walk with us in the city streets that have taken their names from great philosophers and litterateurs and add something from their wisdom on your wall!

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