A city lives because of its design elements and Signs are key to that life

Louise Fili

Wherever you go “the city will follow you”, said the great Greek poet Constantine P. Kavafis. This is exactly what you feel, that the cities you have loved are now a permanent part of you.

The streets of the cities that have enchanted you – they themselves have changed who you are and you will never be the same person as you were before you walked on them.

Take with you a piece of the street you loved, a copy of authentic street sign, from the one which brought the strongest emotion to you. The one that you cannot ever abandon and wish to see at all times.

You too can make a travel wall featuring all your journeys so that all the streets you don’t want to forget will be there. Do not forget to add a piece of that road that you have not yet had the time to visit. Let it stand beside the others and remind you of the promise that you made. The oath that you must keep only for yourself… and the street.

Copies of authentic street name signs can be found here in Odonym.

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