We, Constantine and Raina, live in Athens and are raising our two sons. We’ ve always loved journeys and specially the streets of the large cities.

In every return from a journey, we try to keep something from it that will remind us not only the city but also the feeling which accompanied us while we were wandering in it.

During our walks, we observed the signs of the streets and we realized they were not there by luck. Each and every sign encompasses, the aesthetics, the culture and the “scent” of the city.

Therefore, we began to put an effort into collecting street sign copies of the cities that we’ve traveled to, but this was not always achievable.
That time was when this we thought to create the copies of those authentic signs ourselves, giving everyone the opportunity to have their own personal collection.

This job was not easy… It did not just require looking for the authentic signs of each street but to additionally research the history of every city, sign, and personality.

Later, Maria designed every piece with a great amount of care. She searched for the correct fonts, colors, shapes, frames so that what you are going to get in your hands will be an exact copy of the authentic street sign. In the meantime, she and Constantine found the font which will allow you to write your own name or message on the sign.

Finally, Haris created signs using specific material each time which would channel the vibe of the authentic sign that is found on the street.
That is more or less how the journey of Odonym began.